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Parish Meetings

Monthly Parish Meeting - Events
1st Saturday of each Month         Faith Formation Team                8:00am   
1st Sunday of Month                    Hospitality Sunday (coffee/donuts 
1st Monday of Month                    Capital Campaign Committee   6:00pm
1st / 2nd Monday of Month          Staff/ Pastoral Council              10:00am 
2nd and 3rd Sunday of Month     Parent Baptism Cls                     9:30am
4th Sunday of Month                    Infant Baptism (check calendar for date/Mass time)
3rd Wednesday of Month             Finance Committee                     10:00am
4th Sunday of Month                    Parent / Family Sessions             9:30am
Sundays   9:30am   Religious Education (ages 4- Grade 6)
                                  Youth Ministry Grades 7-12)
                                   RCIA Sessions (school library)      
Advent Talks and Penance Service    6 pm  (see bulletin for details dates and times)
Lenten Talks  and Prenance Service  6pm   (see bulletin for details dates and times)
*see bulletin for additional meetings and training sessions