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Below are testimonies from anonymous attendees of our past Teaching Academies:
Professionally I found today to be...
"extremely informative, enlightening, and thoroughly enjoyable. All the presenters were engaging and brought a wealth of constructive information to the workshop. Needless to say, I learned a lot and was thrilled to meet my fellow educators"
"illuminating, inspirational and energizing!"
"very inviting to learn in a comfortable setting. A lot of useful information that I will use in the classroom!"
"good review to ensure best practices when teaching."
"awesome and beneficial! Can't wait for tomorrow!"
"very edifying. What a pleasure to collaborate with other educators."
"a rewarding experience. The instructor was a great relief. Now I feel I can do a better job!"
Professionally I plan to apply...
"Stating of objectives in the set. Demonstrating the behavior so it matches the objective, and assessing the students and making a decision to redirect, reteach or continue."
"positive reinforcement daily, especially to those who need encouragement."
"all that I have learned today about the process, but most importantly that all students are in my care and it is my duty to help them become attentive learners and responsible, Christ centered citizens."
"positive reinforcement and praise my students. Also tell them I believe in them and I know they can accomplish anything."
"all that I have learned to lift me up, to inspire me, to encourage me, and to always come to school and be prepared mentally, emotionally, physically, and always with loving patience as a witness to my children, their families, and my colleagues in His name and for His glory and praise."