Academics » Academics: Grades 5 to 8

Academics: Grades 5 to 8


St. Patrick creates a school environment where all children can learn, succeed and discover their own special talents. The entire faculty uses the Cooperative Learning Model of instruction and group structures to build positive social interaction, increase linguistic exchange, build confidence in creative problem solving and achieve personal success.

-Religion - Roman Catholic

-Language Arts - Literature through Jr. Great Books and Novels, English, Grammar, Speech and Creative Writing

-Mathematics - Basic use of number sense, fractions, percent, ratio, and problem solving leading to pre-algebra

-Science - General Science, Biological Science, Physical and Earth Sciences

-Social Studies - World History, American History and Hawaiian Studies, Current Events


World Languages- Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin

Computer Technology- Typing, Tech Safety & Your Health, Web Design

Music- Select Choir, Group Piano, Theater Performance, Music Around the World, Music Ministry

Fine Arts- Clay Works, Watercolor, Painting, Drawing, Design, Block Printing, Sculpture, Jewelry Making, Puppet Making, Smartphone Art

Physical Education- Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field, Strength and Agility, Team Sports, Cross Fitness, Tennis

Elective Sciences- Astronomy, Robotics, Bubble-ology Health & Wellness, Science Lab, Math Lab, Reading Lab, Math Olympiad.