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Early Learning Program

The focus of the program the Early Learning Program (ELP) is to provide a solid foundation for success in present and future learning. This is accomplished through four major areas:
1. Individual Child
The curriculum helps to develop the child's knowledge and skills: socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually. Instructional emphasis is placed on developing a positive self esteem and a sense of competence. Each child is considered a unique individual. Growth is according to individual development. There will be different levels of ability and learning styles.
2. Teaching Strategies
The curriculum is designed around basic subject areas and implemented through projects, learning centers and play activities. Teachers encourage learning by planning experiences that involve extending the child's knowledge and skills. The child works and plays in a small group or alone on activities he/she selects or is guided to by the teacher.

3. Integrated Curriculum
The curriculum incorporates the content and process of all subject areas: language development, number and science concepts, social living, music, and movement. The child is considered a life-long learner. Therefore, the curriculum is designed to help the child to learn the process of "how to learn".
4. Parent Teacher Relationship
Teachers and Parents are partners in the development of the child. Conferences and visits help to establish the best possible approach in guiding the child toward further growth.